Monday, June 21, 2010

Starting again...

June 21st the Lunar Informer gadget on the blog says:
"An auspicious time for affairs and businesses which are at an expansive stage of development, as well as for new beginnings. A growth phase: stimulate the growth of plants which bear fruit above the earth now, and cut hair to accelerate its growth."

Strange how I felt like The story line was building up again and today I just had to write another chapter. It had been months since I worked on the story. In February I lost the flash drive with the drafts of many chapters not posted on the blog on it and had to start again. I was heartbroken. I felt like a friend had died. Thankfully the characters and what I had written were still in my head, along with some new stuff that must have been germinating all along. Today the energies lined up and out came chapter 17. Well actually it's Chapter 22. I had a number of Chapters or training sessions lined out between the the First Full Moon and Planning Lupercus. But these were unfinished and lost on the flash drive. I've since reworked the story and will be adding to it. For anyone out there who is bothering to read the story, I recommend rereads and back tracks occasionally. If not then there may be things that don't fit as well together. It's only fair that the reader have fair warning.

This spring after while I was still recovering from loosing the flash drive I was also kept busy taking a doctoral level course at a local university on the Anthropology of Religion. It was quite challenging and interesting and eye opening about the "uses" of religion. I'm pleased to say that many years since my bachelors and 4 years since last taking any college level classes I got a B. I did not think it was possible read so many books and articles. The stack of hardcopy books was a foot & a half tall. If I have printed all the stuff I read online using the university library the stack would have been twice that.  Perhaps its time to go back and get a Masters. I have many graduate credits already. They tell me all I need to do is retake and pass the GRE, again. My old scores, while just fine, are too many years old.

Add to this mix of creative energies the fact that the neighborhood community service work is picking up again now that the regime change for our Mayor and City Council representative is over and well, it seems that the Lunar Informer gadget was right.

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