Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 29 – Full Moon Spring Equinox

Last night they had done the Full Moon ritual. The only change from previous rituals had been the moonlight on the pool when they went out to do the Rite of Union to the moon and the moon was reflected in the pool made silver by the moonlight. Nola had gasped and whispered, ‘Lake Nemi’ and hugged him with delight while Owen beamed. He had had the same thought. Owen had cast the circle. Nola did the Veglia, and blessed the cakes and wine, then gave the Charge. With the images of Lake Nemi still in their heads the meditation had been even more powerful. Nola had felt she could smell the pines and the wet earth and the moonlight in the temple had been charged in a softer more sensual way. They both made it to the high ledge under the stars. Papa Eric was there with Owen. Nola called to her initiator. But he didn’t come. She had lain back on her robe, and been calm and open to the universe and what ever messages would come. Papa Eric knew exactly what his grandson wanted and had whispered "You don’t want to talk to me tonight. Go to her just like you did in the other Full Moon meditation." And in his meditation Nola was looking up at the vast star field when Owen kissed her. In her meditation Nola saw them make love in the moon light on the ledge above Lake Nemi. The ritual had started at 9PM and Nola backed out of the driveway by 11PM. Only because Owen knew she was coming back tonight had he not said a word when she left so soon after completing the ritual.

Meana nodded to Bellaria as Nola left her driveway for Owen’s the second night in a row. Nola’s mind was usually busy as she drove, thinking about a million things. Tonight the Grigori wanted it blank. Whatever would happen, would happen. Tonight all they would do was watch. When Papa Eric saw how serious his friend Settrano was he knew all that he would be doing was watching as well.

Nola had the pouches of soil and seeds for the ritual and seeds to be blessed for the garden. Owen met her in the driveway. They were both a little keyed up. When she walked through the living room she saw that Owen already had the altar set and she smiled at him. She stopped to place the pouches and the seeds to be blessed under the altar cloth. When they got to the kitchen, he handed her a glass of Brunello and she said, “Since you have the altar all ready I’m going to change into my robe.” He nodded and went into his office to change into his.

He was waiting in the kitchen when she came out. She said, “I’m a little nervous.” And he sighed deeply glad she had admitted it out loud, “Me too.” As they smiled at each other, Nola said, “Well then I guess it's best we don’t put it off.” And she took his hand and they went to the living room. Owen cast the circle. He liked casting the circle and the process calmed and centered him. Then he started the ritual by reading “We mark now with this time of gathering, the beginning of the Ascent of our Lady from the Hidden Realm of Shadows. For this is the time of Her desire for the light and life of the world. We mark also the death of the Wolf God and the splendor of the new young God, rayed in power the Lord of the Sky.”
Nola placed the placed a white cloth on the altar and stained it with wine from the chalice to symbolize the death of the Wolf God. She then took the seeds to be blessed and placed these on the white cloth. And she blessed the seeds. Then she read: “Now it came to pass that Uni longed for the light of the World and for Her many children. And She departed from the Hidden Rea, in secret, leaving the Dark Lord in His solitude.”
And then she read the Myth of Ascent. When she finished Owen spoke from the North Quarter, “Where is my Lady?”
Nola lit a pillar candle and walked around the circle completely once and stopped at the East on the second circuit and placed the pillar candle in the east. She then returned to the altar and read “O Dark One, Your Lady comes to us and we welcome Her with great rejoicing. All living things do know that She is near and the world stirs with life again. Our Lady journeys now to meet us and Her essence is upon the forest, field and glen.”
Then changing her voice slightly read:
“Hear me, for now I draw near! Hear me all who sleep from Winter’s Embrace, awaken to rebirth, come forth now. Receive my essence and be full with life and the desire for life.”
Then changing back to a lighter voice,”
“O Great Goddess of the earth, return to us in Your fair nature, lovely Maiden of youth, and joy and love. Only You can break the spell of Winter, and enchant the Earth with your Essence. Hail to the Great Goddess.”
And at that she disrobed and tied the pouch of soil around her waist. Owen knew he was supposed to create a Triangle of Manifestation on her body. He hesitated then stepped forward and put his fingertips gently on her right breast and then to her left breast and then to the top of her pubic area and then back to her right breast. Saying “Blessed be all in Uni”. He did it so lightly that it gave Nola goosebumps. She reached out and they embraced which got rid of the goosebumps and calmed Owen down. Nola then placed a small bit of wine in the pouch, removed the wet soil and placed it on a small cloth on the altar. Nola lit another pillar candle and handed it to Owen, and he remembered that he was to walk the circle 3 times and then and stop on the start of his 4th circuit in the east.
When he got there Nola read: “Behold the beauty of the Goddess , She who is Fana, Lady of the Earth. She which is Jana, Mistress of the Moon, She who is Tana, Ruler of the Universe.” Then she went to Owen and tied the pouch of seeds to around his waist and then stepped back to the altar and read:
“Behold the Power of the God, He who is Faunus, Lord of the Earth, He who is Janus, Master of the Heavens; He who is Tanus, Ruler of the Universe!
You are truly the Power in all things. You are the Earth the Sky and beyond.”
Nola crossed to Owen and opened the pouch of seeds and took some out and sprinkled them on the soil wet with wine on the altar. She then crossed back to him and brushed her hand over his robe on his chest from right to left to his pubic region as she said, “Blessed be the plow, the seed” and back to his chest “and the furrow”. And then Owen said, “Blessed be the plow, the seed” as brushed his hand across her right breast to her left and down to her pubic region “and the furrow” and back up to her right breast.

She then untied both her cord with the soil and his robe cord and the cord with the seeds. She let the cord and the pouches fall to the ground, removed his robe, with his help, and then embraced him. Owen felt her cool flesh against his flesh still warm from the robe. He felt the swell of her soft breast against his chest, he moved his hands around her and pulled her in and kissed her deeply. And felt as she totally gave herself to the kiss and the moment. He realized that she was completely aware of how hard he was becoming because she moved her hand down to his hard sex and broke gently from the kiss to whisper lowly in his ear as she stroked him, “Blessed be the plow.” And she kissed him while she stroked him and then she moved her kisses down his chest until she had him in her mouth and for just a second he felt like he expanded until he was a million molecules floating freely across the universe. She worshiped his hard sex with her mouth. Then she gently rubbed the back of her hand against his testicles. And he moaned. With her mouth still on him she reached up with her hand to his wrist and tugged gently, and took her mouth off of him for just a moment as he melted to his knees on the floor. She moved her hands from his hard sex to his chest and leaned into him and kissed him again while keeping one hand on him. He held her as they kissed. She brushed her hands through his chest hair and then moved her hands around his back where she gently put her nails into the muscles in his back. He took control and continuing to kiss her pushed her down and fondled her breasts and breathed in her scent and his scent on her. He moved his mouth down the curve of her belly to her sex and he licked her until she moaned. He moved back up to her and whispered into her ear “Blessed be the furrow” as he entered her and they lost themselves to the act until they both felt like they were a million molecules floating freely across the universe. And time stopped.

He rolled to his back and she lay peacefully and silently next to him. He had no idea how much time had passed when he rolled to his side and started kissing her gently from her ear to her shoulder while his hand traced the curve of her breasts and the peak of her nipples. She rolled to her side and ran back of her hand down his chest and then front of her hand up his chest. They kissed slowly and deeply. Neither wanting to end the embrace yet both knowing they had to which made them all the more desperate for each other. Owen realized that he was hard again. Nola felt his passion rise and moved closer to him. One hand on his chest, the other stroking him, rubbing her palm on the tip of his penis which became lubricated until it was like having her mouth on him and he moaned softly, “Oh god... How is this possible?” She kissed him and he kissed her and entered her and they expanded into the universe again.

Owen was lying there completely and totally drained and relaxed. Nola rubbed her hand in his chest hair one more time and then got up, poured only enough spirit fuel into the bowl to take down the circle and then quickly and quietly did just that. Owen stirred only when he heard her snapping her fingers over the elemental bowls. She heard him stir and turned to him and smiled as she picked up her robe and cord. He sat up on his elbows as if he didn’t know where he was. And she thought that was probably a very good thing. She took her robe into the bathroom and hung it up and decided to rinse off in the shower. He was sitting in the kitchen in his robe when she came out dressed and looking like she was going to leave.
He did NOT want her to leave. He held out his hand to her and she went to him sliding between his legs as he held her and teasing, “No more robes until the fall.” He kissed her and said, “Stay.” She kissed him gently and didn’t say anything as she walked out of the kitchen, grabbed the blessed seeds of off the altar and closed the front door. He just sat there in the kitchen knowing she was leaving and not able to move from the chair.

Papa Eric said, “She has to go this time, son.” And Meana moved him from the kitchen up the stairs to his bed.

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