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Chapter 33 – Worship and the Gods

Nola was trying to figure out how to bring the lessons back to center not so much for her student, he seemed just fine, but for herself. This was the first time that she was working with such a heterosexual student in person, and she smiled thinking about it because it was exactly what she had asked the gods for after her 3rd degree initiation. She had dealt with heterosexual male students via eMail and even met these students in person as her travels allowed. But dealing with the teachings and the energy that could be raised and channeled in person was significantly different. It’s one thing to talk about it in eMail and then send the student back to their physical world to see how the lessons manifest and then talk about it again as an impartial observer. It’s another thing completely to be part of their physical experiences. She found herself appreciating the flexibility and the distance that eMail teaching allowed. She felt Owen needed to be refocused on the teachings and the practice and the connection to deity and the universe and not so much to her. Her plan was to talk about the Words of Aradia on Worship and the Gods. He needed to see the larger picture.

Then there was the fact that he had managed to get her to agree to go to dinner as his girlfriend to assuage his mom. It made sense in some ways because she understood how moms worried and had expectations of their children that might not always be met by reality. She had also seen the intensity of the woman herself, if only once at an airport. But the part that still bugged her was that this “plan” was supposed to be Papa Eric’s plan. Owen seemed to have established a connection to his grandfather via the Lare Shrine. In some ways she was jealous. It was good that Owen had someone on the other side who was connected enough to him and to the Ways to act as intermediary, to make the connection. Nola didn’t have anyone from her past on the other side who acted in that capacity. Her father had come to her once, before she found the Ways to essentially tell her she could find what she was looking for on her own. She didn’t need him. When her father had come to her it had been in a strange convoluted dream many, many years after his death when she was struggling with the first time James had broken her heart. When she asked why he had waited so long. He said that she had been doing Ok but that now it seemed she needed him to remind her that she could handle her life. Owen’s Papa Eric seemed to have a much more direct and fluid connection. Enough to come up with crazy plans for Owen to execute like dinner with his parents and a fake girlfriend. It didn’t make sense. Loved ones on the other side didn’t usually play practical jokes unless there was some underlying message for growth. What was behind this? She didn’t know but apparently Owen’s grandfather knew his grandson well enough to realize that this was the right approach. It seemed she was just a pawn in the game. But since she was Owen’s teacher, if someone from the other side thought her participation was needed to further his growth, it seemed only right that she do her part.

He wasn’t in the driveway when she pulled up. She took that as a good sign. Maybe some of the fire was burning in. Or she thought maybe burning out. She had just turned the truck off when he opened the door. She had barely managed to get out before he pulled her into a bear hug. Ok, maybe not burning out.

“Evening Big Man. I hope there are no surprises tonight.”
He looked at her as if he didn’t understand. “Surprises?”
She shook her head. “Never mind, I’ll take that as a yes.”
He tucked her arm in his and walked toward the door, opened it and let her walk through. She just smiled and continued walking. He was a bigger southern gentleman than most of the southerners she had met in her life.
He pulled the barstool out from the counter and indicated she should sit down. He had opened the wine. It was a Ruffino they had had before. He poured her a glass and handed it to her and then poured himself a glass.
“What are you grinning about woman.”
“Me? What did I do?”
“I was just thinking that in many ways you are more a southern gentleman in your mannerisms than most of the southerners, I’ve been around.”
“What are you talking about?”
“The way you open the door. The way you pull out chairs. The way you open the wine and make sure I get some first. The way you walk me out when I leave. I can’t put my finger on it but it is so… so… so, I don’t know, nice.”
“I’m nice, so I’m a southern gentleman?”
She laughed. “I don’t know. Maybe because I’ve either spent time around working class folks where folks are equal by necessity or in the corporate world where men try so hard to treat women as equals and women try so hard to be like men. But when I’m around you I feel so…. so…. Again I don’t know quite how to describe it. So handled.
“Handled? I don’t think I know what that means.”
“Handled. I don’t know, handled. Doors opened, chairs pulled out, wine…. Handled…” And she paused thinking and then looked him straight in the eyes and said as if in an 'Ah ha' moment, “Plane tickets changed. See usually I’d be the one handling all that. You handle it. I feel handled.” She paused again and then added. “Even, now that I think about it, casting the circle.” And she saw his face and said, “I need to shut up now.”
“You don’t like it.”
“No. No, that’s not it at all. You treat me like… Wow. You treat me like a lady and to be perfectly honest I’m not used to it.”
He smiled then, “Well why shouldn’t I treat you like a lady?”
“You know I can’t think of a single reason. I’m just not used to it.”
And he gave her his most charming smile and said, “Well maybe you can get used to it.” And Settrano smiled.
She laughed. “I’ll try. I’ll try.” And Meana smiled.
And he took her by the arm and said, trying a southern drawl and failing, “Shall we repair to the library, ma’am.”
She laughed, “Sure but remember Rhett this is New Orleans not Atlanta. We New Orleanians aren’t your typical southern women.”

They settled in the library and he asked, "Well what are we going to talk about tonight?"
She joked with him and said, "Well, I thought that the student was supposed to have questions." And put her feet up on the ottoman and closed her eyes and waited.
He stayed quiet and waited too. Damn, I really don't have any questions. What I like about this is the actual training, doing the actual rituals, casting the circle, the physical activity and he smiled about that.
She opened one eye and looked at him. He looked worried and then he smiled.
She opened her eyes and sat up on the sofa and kicked her shoes off and folded her legs under her, "Well student?"
"Well.... I.... I... really like doing the rituals. I'm...."
"You are such a male earth sign."
"What does that mean?"
"You are all directed energy and grounded. You like doing the physical work. You want me to come here. You need the physical contact. But you don't have any burning questions do you?"
He smiled. "No.... not really. But I do want you to be here and I know that you're going to find a way to teach me something tonight."
She shook her head and then smiled. "I think that we should take a look at Aradia's Words on the The God and The Goddess."
He gave her an exasperated look, "You had this planned all along?"
"Well a teacher should know her student. There's a reason why this path is taught by initiate to initiate. Every student is different. Every teacher is different too. But I know that working with the basics never fails. Aradia's Words are the basics." And she looked around "Is the manual here?"

He smiled and reached behind the sofa to the table and handed it to her.
She smiled back and said, "Open it to The Words of Aradia on The God and" she shrugged, "start reading. We'll find something to talk about." And she took a sip of wine.
So he did,
"The God is known as the stern and demanding aspect of divinity. He is perceived as the death force that transforms. He is Lord of the Afterworld who restores and rests the soul, which is prepared for a new life. This is performed through the union of the God and the Goddess."
Then asked, "The God as death?"
"Perceived as death."
He looked at her and she said, "Read it again and then I think you might be able to answer your own question."
The God is known as the stern and demanding aspect of divinity. He is perceived as the death force that transforms. He is Lord of the Afterworld who restores and rests the soul, which is prepared for a new life. This is performed through the union of the God and the Goddess."
He said not quite convinced, "Death as transformation?"
"Yes. The Mythos hold the key here. The Goddess symbol, the moon, transforms monthly. We align ourselves with this energy in the Full Moon Ritual. The God is solar. His transformation takes place annually when the sun wanes and the God dies. But the sun returns, the God returns. It seems harsh but it is cyclical. It is transformational. It is hopeful. We die too, but our souls are reborn just like the sun and the God are annually."
He nodded his head. "But we need the union of the God and the Goddess for this to take place."
"Male and female. It's fertility and birth too, right?"
"On the physical plane, yes. It's the whole As Above, So Below philosophy."
He nodded again and raised the book as if to ask 'keep reading'?
She nodded and he continued.
"Yet there is duality in all things, and the God is also the vitality and strength. He is the Sun, the Lord of Light. He can give life or death through His activity. He ascends and vitalizes all living things, but in His journey He descends and brings darkness and cold. This is the Realm of Shadows, to which He carries all departed beings."
He looked up and smiled as this verse reinforced her previous comments and kept reading,
"The God is desire to create, dwelling in the stage prior to creation. Through the attraction of the Goddess He is moved to create."
He looked up and smiled, "Just like the altar casting."
And she nodded. And Bellaria said, "But think about it Owen, look at how your life is transformed. Physically yes in the pool and the yard. But there is the possibility of more. You were already moved to create. But now you are also free to create." And she smiled to Settrano. And Owen felt that there was more to this passage then he could put his finger on right now. Nola waited for a question. He just took a sip of wine and looked thoughtful.

Eventually he kept reading,
"He is the Lord of the Heavens, clothed in the Sun and bearing a golden rod. He is the Lord of the Earth, horned and hoofed. He is the Lord of the Afterworld, dark, lonely, stern and just. (Thus are the two faces of Janus.)"
And she smiled at him and said, "Lunar thinking. The Mythos again, Lupercus and Kern; Dis and Janus."
He looked at her and said, "You really can't understand this stuff all at once. It kind of has to weave its way into your understanding. Maybe it's because I am such a, what did you call me? A male..." and he couldn't remember.
She smiled and said, "a male earth sign. All directed energy grounded in the physical."
"Male earth sign." And he shook his head. "But you are right. I am grounded in the physical and I think I'm absorbing the Mythos through practice."
She nodded. "That is the point of doing the rituals. Some things can only be understood through experience." And then she added, "and time."

He thought about that took a sip of wine and then continued to read,
"Through Him order is established and discipline mastered. He is the inner strength of the individual. He is the essence of inner strength and defense. Yet He is also the warrior and the destroyer. He is the power and strength. All men bear His essence. He is all men."
He looked up and didn't say anything as he thought, All men bear his essence. He is all men. Then he said out loud, "All men bear his essence. He is all men."
She just nodded and smiled and thought and this is why I love men. He looked like he was waiting for something from her. So she smiled and added, "Yes, you too. All men."

Satisfied, he kept reading,
"There is a side of the God that can be seen by those who desire to love Him. It is a gentleness, a compassion, and understanding. His gentleness comes from His awareness of His strength and power. His compassion is born of His understanding of justice."
And then she thought, hmmm, handled... gentleman... it's just the male god energy in him that I'm responding too..." Meana said, "In part...." and looked at Bellaria and Tago and then Settrano as if to say, ideas anyone?" And he said, "Now we get the flip side of the coin."
And her thoughts returned to the room and said, "Lord of 2 faces."
He smiled and kept reading,
"The God is sexual desire and virility within the male. He is attraction, sensuality and sexuality. He is physical nature, just as the Goddess is spiritual nature."
And she thought, as she remembered their Spring rituals, yes he is. And Meana smiled to Settrano.
Owen said, "Your right about my physical nature and being aligned with the God. But it seems you are aligned with the Goddess too." Then sounding pleased with himself said, "I'd say we make a pretty powerful pair." And he took his last sip of wine.
She barely smiled at him and nodded as she said softly, "It seems we can be."

Now he was even more pleased with himself as he read,
"In death, He is the comforter and the renewer. He is the great initiator and teacher. He rules the Afterworld and dispels the darkness with His presence. He is the illuminator and reveals all that is hidden. He scatters all falsehoods and establishes truth."
And she sighed lightly, nothing like death to bring you back to reality. And he said, "Death again."
"Truth, Transformation, comfort, renewal, hope. The point is it's not all bad Owen."
"Oh I get it. It's just.... well...." and he smiled. "Dual, like Janus."
And she smiled and said, "By George I think he's got it."
He smiled and said, "I'm going to get the wine." And he went back to the kitchen and returned to the library and filled their glasses. He took a sip and then said, "I suppose you want me to read the Words on the Goddess next?"

She nodded and he read,
"The Goddess is the life force in as much as she is the fertility in all things. It is through Her activity that we are born and that seeds push up through the Earth and grow into plants. She moves the God to create through His desire for Her."
And he thought about the seeds from the Spring Equinox ritual. And Nola sipped her wine and waited for a question but he kept reading,
"The Goddess is the joy of life. She is the passion to live. Compassion, love, gentleness and kindness are the essence of Her spirit. All women carry the Goddess within them in various aspects and degrees."
And he looked up and said, "Yes, all women, even you." And smiled at her and then continued reading.
"Yet there is duality in all things, and the Goddess can manifest as sterility, vengeance and destruction. She is the Soul of Nature."
And she smiled at him and said, "Most people who know me would agree that I can definitely channel these aspects of the Goddess."
And he wrinkled his forehead. This was not the woman he knew. "Well I don't see that."
And she had to admit this was not who she was around Owen.
Then he added. "But I admit I do see strength and complexity in you woman. It's interesting."
"Thanks." She raised her eyebrows and smiled sardonically.
He laughed and then read,
"The Goddess rules the night and the Moon is Her symbol. All women are linked to Her through the Moon, which influences the flow of blood. The night is the essence of the mystery which all women possess. This is the elusive quality which all women bear, but which can never be known or touched upon."
He looked up and said, "You mentioned this link to the moon when I was reading about the God."
And she nodded.
And he thought, but didn't say out loud, mystery woman alright. And then he read,
"The desire of men for women is the desire of the God for the Goddess. It is the attraction of the life force."
And he thought about their Spring Rituals but didn't say out loud, 'Boy I'll say.'
She said "Life force."
And he looked up. "Life force? Fertility."
And she nodded and added, not quite sounding like herself. "Rebirth, Transformation."
And he thought again, Mystery woman. But kept reading,
"The Goddess is known as the Queen of Heaven. She is clothed in stars and wears a silver crown adorned with a crescent moon. She is the Earth Mother, clothed in green and endowed with large breasts the rise as rounded hills rise beyond the lush green meadows. She is pregnant with the Child of Life, which She bears each year. She is the Virgin Maiden, naked and beautiful. She is youth and lust for life. She is the Enchantress and Temptress. She is all women."
He looked up at her, expecting her to say something. She saw this and said," The essence of the soul of nature, everything that is lush and alive, beautiful day and night. Mother, Maiden, Enchantress, Queen of Heaven, that last one is a very ancient but recorded name for the Goddess."
"Sumerian right?" and he sipped his wine while waiting for an answer.
"Yes, and also throughout Mesopotamia and in Egypt as Isis and referenced as related to Greek and Roman goddesses in ancient Latin writings. Even the Catholics refer to Mary as the Queen of Heaven. It's a very ancient reference."
He nodded and kept reading,
"The Goddess does not accept live sacrifices as were given in ancient times. She is the Goddess of life and all living things. She demands respect for life. If you give offerings in Her honor, then better it be of fruits and grains, or things of beauty."
He looked up, "So this acknowledges that live sacrifices were given?"
"Yes, but no longer. We don't have details. Were these live animals only?
We eat so we still sacrifice live animals. Not specifically to the Gods but we could have in the past. Think on any voudou ritual you might have seen. Yes they kill the chicken, but they also eat it. The rituals of the God reference death. There are those who believe that in ancient times that a male as a representative of the God was the live sacrifice."
"Well that's sobering. I'm glad I'm a practitioner today and not in ancient times."
"Me too. And then she smiled teasingly "Give the Goddess the fruit, grain and things of beauty. Keep the men." And she thought to herself there are too few of you now.
He smiled took a sip from his glass and then went back to reading,
"The Goddess is the Queen of all Strega, which She calls Her Hidden Children. We are Her servants; She is not ours. She gives us life and receives us in the Afterworld. She teaches us the ways of Nature and Spirit. She gives us power and magick. She reveals all mysteries and gives light unto the night. And to the wise She imparts Her sacred name."
"So the God creates and transforms and the Goddess gives us magick and knowledge." And he paused and then asked, "So do women have a more natural alignment with magic?"
She tilted her head and thought about that a minute. "No.... not that I have been taught. In my experience men and women can do magic equally. The words just say that the Magick is a gift from, given by, the Goddess."
And he nodded and thought but said nothing. She just waited for his questions and sipped her wine. But he said, "So what next?"

She said, "There are words concerning the God and the Goddess. We should cover those next."
He found them and read,
"Uni is the sacred name of the Great Goddess, She who is all Goddesses. Upon the Earth She is known as Fana, in the heavens She is Diana (the Moon) and in the Universe She is Tana."
And he paused and she said, "Tanara, Fanara, Janara. I was initiated to 1st as Tanara before the creation of the American Clan. When I was first learning I used Tana as the name of the Goddess. So Tana will always hold a special place for me. Plus," she smiled, "I like the link to the stars and the universe and the Star Trek universe and mythos on which I raised my daughter. But this acknowledges the 3 Clans: Star, Earth, Moon."
"I bet the flavor of the practice of the 3 Clans was different."
"How do you mean?" She knew but she wanted him to elaborate.
"Well I would guess that a Moon Clan - Janara right?" and she nodded and he continued. "The Janara would have been more aligned with the Full Moon Rituals and maybe even the Goddess." And he paused and waited until she said,
"Or, as I have been taught, the sea." And she added, "Janara tend to be aligned with water and the sea as well as the moon. The moon and its impact on the tides makes this natural."
He thought about that and nodded. "Janara sailors."
"Well I don't know by teaching, but have you ever been on the sea under a full moon?"
He shook his head no.
"There is nothing quite like it." She said dreamily.
"What haven't you done, woman?"
And she looked up at him not quite sure what to think. So he added with a smile, "The sailboat guy."
And she smiled, "Yes and racing in the moonlight. Amazing stuff."
"See why I ask, 'What haven't you done?', woman?"
And she smiled and said, "I've never jumped out of an airplane. I was asked to take jump classes by a friend of mine who assumed that I would try anything once. But I said that I would only jump out of an airplane if I didn't have any other options."
"Would you try anything else once?"
"Other than jumping out of an airplane? I really don't have a driving need to scale Everest. And I've never felt the need to scuba. But I might try that. Hmmmm, I guess it is fair to say I could be tempted, but I might choose not to do just anything simply because I hadn't done it before. Would you?"
He smiled, "Probably not. But I might be tempted under the right circumstances."
She smiled back. "What do you think the other Clans Fanara and Tanara would have been like?"
He realized that he had gotten off track and thought for a minute. "Hmmm, Tanara, Star gazers... I'm guessing that these folks would have either been the scientists or the high magic folks. It seems a natural alignment for you."
She smiled, "I guess. I'm told the Tanara did have a more high magick, smells and bells approach to their practice. What about the Fanara?"
"Earth right?"
She nodded.
"Well then I guess these would be my people since I'm such a male earth sign."
And she thought about that and the rituals they had done and she had to acknowledge, "You know I think that you are right. These folks would have been right up your alley. You can be quite Pan-like."
"What? Are you saying I'm all play? And not serious?"
She laughed, "No, But I think that your Taurian pleasure senses and Pan are well aligned." He had to smile at that. And she thought back to other things her teacher had said. He took a sip of wine, raised the book to her and she nodded for him to continue,
"Lakes, hills, streams and beaches are sacred places to the Goddess. The animals that are sacred to Her are dogs, owls, and cats. Her sacred plants are moonflowers and willows, lemons and apples."
So moonflowers on the fence and lemons in my front yard aren't by accident?"
She smiled, "Well citrus do very well in our climate and the MoonFlower is such an interesting addition to a garden. It's nice that these align with the Goddesss. Don't you think?"
He just nodded and smiled at her and thought, she could plant what ever she wanted in his yard if it made her happy. And kept reading,
"She is all that is feminine. She is total beauty and love. She is the Divine Lover, Enchantress, Temptress and Mother. At times She is the Eternal Virgin, at times the Mother, but truly, She is free, loving, sexual, independent and powerful. She loves her followers with unequaled passion. She never forgets nor neglects Her own. She is generous and protective to all who love Her."
He said, "See now this description is something that I see you as capable of channeling. I don't see all that other stuff about vengeance and destruction in you."
"Well thank you student. But you haven't seen me really worked up yet."
And he teased her, "I think I have."
And she took the bait, "When?"
"Oh in ritual or after ritual."
And she lowered her eyes but smiled and then said, "That wasn't quite what I meant."
He chuckled and read,
"Tagni is the Great God who is all Gods. On Earth He is Faunus, in the heavens he is Janus (the Sun) and in the Universe He is Tanus."
He stopped and said, The 3 Clans again.
And she nodded and added, "but this time Janus is the Sun."

He nodded and then read,
"All mountains are sacred to Tagni. His sacred animals are horses, wolves, woodpeckers and ravens. His sacred plants are the fig tree, oak, dogwood, laurel and the bean plant."
And he couldn't help but tease her again. "So that fig tree and the oak... God plants."
And she smiled at him and said, "And the purple runner bean intertwined with the MoonFlower. It's a subtle way to honor the Gods."
He thought, the Ways are totally interwoven in her life. He took a sip of wine and then read,
"He is all that is masculine. He is strength and will. He is the power of fertility (which is shared with the Goddess) and the desire behind all creation. He is the source for all creation.
At times He is the hunter and provider and at times He is the destroyer. But truly, He is wise and powerful. He is the freedom of all things that are wild"
And he looked up and said, "Lupercus." And she nodded and he kept reading,
"He is loving and sexual, independent and powerful. He loves His followers with a demanding love. He protects and provides but He is stern and judgmental. He expect strict adherence to His ways and His laws. But He is always fair and just."
And he looked up and then flipped back in the book and then said, "Interesting."
And she said, "What specifically?"
"That the Goddess is free, loving, sexual, independent and powerful and the God is the freedom in all things wild, and then loving, sexual, independent and powerful. The same but different.”
"Balanced. A friend of mine says that male and female should be thought of as complimentary and not competitive. There are differences but these are aligned. Balanced. I like balance. I think in some ways this also reflects the lack of freedom that women had in Aradia's time. It was to remind followers that the Goddess was free and so were the women as her reflections, even though the Christian Church might say otherwise."
He nodded and kept reading,
"Faunus is the Eternal Child, for we see in Him the frolicsome Pan. Yet the noble side of Faunus can be seen in the grace of a beautiful stag in the forest. We can see His spiritual nature in the circling hawk and in the playful butting of young goats we can see the lighthearted Faunus. All of these are lesser reflections of Janus and Tanus in their own natures."
"Hey! Lesser!?"
She smiled, "Maybe a better term would be lighter. This just indicates that God has many aspects. Besides as I have been taught these words, as you are reading them, have come down via the Tanara so their might be some bias there. Everyone has a point of view. Even scientists who think they are just dealing with the facts form their hypotheses from a point of view." And then she added playfully, "Besides your Fanara tendencies are a lot of fun."
He smiled and kept reading,
"The Goddess is the balance to the God, and He is the balance to Her. Without the Goddess, the God would be a judge without compassion. He would be stern without understanding, He would control without loving.
Without the God, the Goddess would have compassion without direction, understanding without foundation, love without form. The God and Goddess complete each other, and together they are the One True Creator and Maintainer of the Universe."
He said, "The 2 who are One. Balance."
And she smiled, "I think he's got it again."

He smiled back took a sip of wine and then she said, "Let's do the Words Concerning Worship."
He flipped to them and read,
"Remember to keep, and observe, all the sacred gatherings. For therein does the power flow, and emanate forth into our Being. Observe the time of the Full Moon, and all the Holy Days of the Goddess."
He looked up, "Is this why you have focused on the rituals as part of your teaching?"
She thought about that and then answered. "Yes and no."
And he smiled at her favorite answer as she continued. "Yes because the rituals are worship. Aligning with the rituals and actually doing them allows the power to flow into our Being. But I've done the rituals with you because I think that you learn best by doing."
"My earth sign nature."
She smiled, "Yes, but also because it has been very rewarding to be able to actually do the rituals with someone who's energy and basic polarization works so well with mine."
"What do you mean by that?'
"Well doing the rituals when all the energy is feminine, even when all the folks in the room aren't female, takes the experience to different places. And doing ritual when energies aren't balanced can be, hmmm, How do I describe this? Harder to relax and flow with, harder to find the natural power flow with which we should be aligning. But I've found that our rituals are calming and invigorating. That I can feel the flow and well, it's nice all for its own experience. Not just because the rituals are essential teaching tools.
"Well, thanks."
She smiled, "You're welcome."
After a minute he kept reading,
"Honor the Sun and Moon for they are sacred symbols of the God and Goddess (which they placed in the heavens as a token of their covenant with us). But do not worship them, for they are but images of the Great Ones."
She said, "Yes put powerful symbols."
And he nodded and said, "Like the Triangle of Manifestation."
And she nodded. And he read,
"And you who are priests and priestesses, remember the times of union (and the rite thereof)."
He said, "Time of Union."
She said, "You're going to either have to figure that out for yourself or wait until you are a bit further along in your training."
And she nodded. "Yep, Really."
He tilted his head and raised his eyebrows but kept reading.
"All acts of reverence toward Nature and toward life are acts of worship. So it is too with love and pleasure. Therefore, let each day be your rituals of adoration to the Great Ones."
He said, "I totally get this. Just watching you enjoy a glass of wine or smell the sweet olive trees or look at a fire makes me realize that you know that the small things are acts of worship."
She raised her eyebrows quickly lowered them and didn't say anything. But asked herself, Is that what he really sees? What a strange man.
He looked down at the book
Times of Gathering
Shadowfest (October 31st)
Winter Solstice
Lupercus (Feburary 2nd)
Spring Equinox
Lady Day (May Eve/May 1st)
Summer Solstice
Cornucopia (August Eve)
Autumn Equinox
and said "It just lists the Treguenda next, and then
The Holy Days
Festival of Diana (August 13th)
Festival of Fana (December 19th)
Festival of Tana (May 1st).
All Goddess Days, Tana's Day is May Day, But I've never heard of the Festival of Diana or Fana. It's the 3 Clans again."

And he waited expectantly, until she said,
"Diana's Day is recorded in Latin writings. The book Roman Religion and the Cult of Diana at Aricia talks about it as well. It is a day for wishes to the Goddess Diana. It's is also said to be Aradia's Birthday and I can totally see Aradia as a Leo. So this fits. As does the festivals link to and popularity with slaves. Worshippers would write out wishes or requests to the Goddess and then burn them or leave them at Diana's shrine. It seems to have been a torch festival. The ancient Latin texts document torches in a procession that would start in the more settled areas and then head down into the crater at Lake Nemi on this day. Today instead of torches we’re more likely to light candles. Once Raven held Diana’s day at the grove in California. We were all asked to send in our wishes. The best way to find information about this on the web is to look up Nemoralia. But I was taught very little about this day."
"What about Fana's day?"
"Unfortunately I know even less about that Festival. Fana is the Earth Goddess. I've wondered if it isn't recognition of the sleeping earth goddess or the mother bear. Research I’ve done on the web shows a link between Fana – Fauna – Bona Dea – Demeter. Roman celebrations for Bona Dea took place on May Day and December 4th. Perhaps the bear goes to sleep in December and awakens in May. This is so close to the Winter Solstice that maybe the celebration was something like a baby shower today, preparing for the rebirth of the light. But I really don't know. It’s all speculation. As I've said, Raven was raised Tanara.”
He said, "Too bad there isn't more information."
And she had to agree, "Maybe something is out there that can be rediscovered.... one day."

The chatted about a little about the different Clans and aspects of the God and Goddess and finished the wine. Nola was pleased that the lesson had been so focused on the teachings. Perhaps they were back on track again. Owen realized how much he enjoyed these sessions and really anytime he was around Nola, whether it was a teaching session or working on landscaping or rituals or.... And she yanked him back to reality with,
"Owen it's getting late and I need to be at work tomorrow."
And she smiled at the face, before she said, "Don't look at me like that. Unless you have other plans, I'll be back on Sunday for the Full Moon."
"Other plans. No woman I don't have other plans. I'll see you back here on Sunday. 9PM?"
And she smiled and said, "Ok 9PM. Well I can't come back if I don't leave so..."
At that he got up and took her arm and said, "Well since we started this conversation with how much a gentleman I was I guess I should walk you out."
And she laughed, "That would be nice, sir."
And he laughed too and gave her a bear hug before he said, "See you Sunday."
"Night, Owen."

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