Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Teachings of the Tree

This is something I wrote several years ago, and I want to share it again. Perhaps someone out there needs to reflect upon this particular teaching. I often do.

It is conveyed in metaphor and allegory, coming from the Greenwood Wisdom for us all:

The Teachings of the Tree

* Have a position with deep roots in your understanding of it, and stand firm in your place within the world.

* Reach upward to touch lofty things, and outward to extend yourself to the world.

* Provide shade for those who need rest, and shelter for those who come to you.

* Bear fruit, and be abundant.

* In the Winters of your life, conserve your resources.

* In your Springs, take advantage of the opportunities for new growth.

* In your Summers, expand, thrive, and reach new heights.

* In your Falls, release what no longer serves your well-being, make preparations, and await renewal.

* When all is said and done, leave behind some seeds.