Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Binding, a definition by Raven Grimassi


Rodney D'Armand wrote:
>>The Words of Aradia speak of us having a covenant with the Grigori.
Nevertheless, I still feel funny about considering other entities, and
especially of the stature of the Grigori, being bound to do anything for

In the sense of binding an entity, from a metaphysical perspective we
are essentially talking about oaths and fellowship obligations. On a
mundane level, we bind people all the time. We bind them to expected
behaviors of frienship, lover, co-worker, countrymen, law enforcement
officer, politician, and so forth. In any society, we ourselves are
bound as well. It is an agreement of consciousness.

>>Commitments are one thing, but binding ... seems contrary to what I
understand of love. Marriage partners aren't even to be considered

Committed relationships are actually a binding in the oath/agreement
sense, for any healthy relationship exists and continues by agreement
and adherence to what is acceptable and what is not. Even an "open
marriage" in which the two indivuduals see other people, is an

>>I would love to replace "conjure" with "call," but I'm not sure this sort of
change is permitted if one is to remain within the tradition.<<

Tradition has its roots, and in the case of "conjure" the roots are in
fellowship. A tree is nourished by its roots, and the roots keep the
tree in place. Here the "winds" and "storms" of adversity keep the tree
from being ripped away and destroyed. This is why the Old Religion
survived the violent persecution inflicted by Christianity. I do not
advise cutting away any of the roots.

Ciao - Raven

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