Sunday, July 19, 2009

Queen of the Night - Cestrum Nocturnum

Of course, just after I finish my post on Summer Shrine Offerings, the Queen of the Night starts blooming like crazy. This plant has such a heady scent, especially in the evening when the flowers open, that it can cause repiratory issues in some folks. Thankfully it does not affect me or my family or my neighbors in this fashion. The clusters of star shaped flowers makes this plant a perfect Lasa offering. The white flowers blooming in the night make it a great Goddess offering. The shape of the closed flowers make it work as a God offering. Just as the scent draws neighbors and visitors to try and find the plant, I can imagine it drawing in the Gods.

The flowers remain closed during the day. One cluster was "working late today" so I was able to get a picture.
Queen of the Night - Flowers & Buds Close up

The plant is a postKatrina volunteer. And we are grateful for it, just as we are all the postKatrina volunteers who have given us so much.

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