Saturday, January 9, 2010

Global Climate Change

2009 September Tempurature Differentials

Map above shows the difference between the Average September temperatures (recorded since 1880) and the Average September temperature in 2009.

Granted NOT all places are warmer. BUT much of the globe is warmer.

When you think about how much of the surface of the earth is water (~70%) and look at how much of the water area is red, meaning hotter... It's hard not to say that the earth (on average and on the whole) is getting hotter.
Even as the much of the US is covered !to the Gulf of Mexico! with a winter blast from the artic.

I suggest taking another look at the Words of Aradia on Nature.
with special emphasis on this phrase:
Therefore observe the ways of Nature around you both great and small. Everything has a purpose and reason. Be not confused by its seeming cruelty, for there is a duality in all things.

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