Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unity, Teamwork, Symbology

Saints victory teaches us about unity, teamwork: A letter to the editor
By Letters to the Editor
February 10, 2010, 1:36AM

History has taught us that although it might not happen immediately, eventually the unanimity and camaraderie that pervaded our beautiful Crescent City will, more than likely, wither and die.

For several weeks, and peaking in what will, in all likelihood, shamefully come to pass as a few short hours, all the things that we so ignorantly see as separators -- race, gender, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation, to name a few -- just didn't matter.

All too soon, some slight -- real or imagined -- will redraw the lines that were erased as we cheered on our blessed "Boys."

Perhaps the Black and Gold are showing us a solution. Part of the enjoyment of watching them work their magic is the very manner in which it was worked.

They played hard. They played as a cohesive team. There was little individual grandstanding. They played like gentlemen. And, finally, they appeared to genuinely enjoy themselves -- win or lose.

Tragedy and triumph alike have shown us that we can function as that thing we hold so dear in these parts: a family.

As is usually the case, the solution is so simple that we look past it every day: We must make a choice, have faith and work every day toward our goal.

Here's to us, as we have yet another thing of which we can be proud. Here's to the New Orleans Saints! May the brotherhood, and sisterhood, they fostered not be lost.

Eric Ettinger
New Orleans

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