Sunday, August 22, 2010

Protective Charm for your Vehicle

Place the following in a white cloth:
- salt,
- a sprig of rue,
- a tiny gold horn (or cornu)
- if you can't afford or find a cornu consider using a dried chili pepper
- and a small pair of scissors or a small knife.
Tie the ends shut with red ribbon.

Place the charm on the Chariot Tarot Card and charge on a Full Moon.
You must infuse the charm with your will. You should spend sometime thinking about what it means to be in control of your vehicle. Is it well maintained and fully functional? Is it insured? Do you know how to handle in different circumstances. Think about being a successful and safe driver. Envision yourself capable of handling your car safely as you drive.

After the charm is charged under the moonlight and with your intent place it in the glove compartment.

To enhance your own safety and that of your passengers in the vehicle, dab some protective rue oil (charged under the moon for at least 3 days) on the seat belts locks, and then wear them.

If you are concerned about your vehicle being stolen, use rue oil to mark pentcles or the symbol of power inside the door frames and trunk of your vehicle.

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