Thursday, November 24, 2011

Federally recognize the United Houma Nation - YOU can help

The United Houma Nation has sought federal recognition for decades. The tribe has been recognized by state and foreign governments as an Indian tribe. In fact, Houma children were forced to attend a segregated Indian school until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Located along Louisiana's Gulf Coast, the Houma Indian culture and community depend on the wetlands. The BP spill has devastated the Houma. However, BP denied the Houma's claim because they are not federally recognized.

The White House promised to review the United Houma Nation's petition for federal recognition if 25,000 signatures are acquired. Currently the petition is just over 5000 signatures.  December 1, 2011 is the deadline.  We can all play a role in making this happen if we ask our friends and family to sign.

As pagan one of the things that we know is that relationship to the land and our ancestors and our history is critical.  The Houma Nation is part of South Louisiana history and America's History.  Federal designation  will  help preserve the Houma’s culture and the lands that are a part of this culture. 

Please click here to sign as a way to be thankful for what we all have and as a way to ensure that we can be aware of an thankful of a past and a culture that is so closely connected to the land.

Please take the time to Honor the past and Protect the Future by acting on this opportunity.

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