Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dying AND LIVING!!!!

This article is worthy of a read.

"I'd never admit it to my husband and kids, but more than anything else, it's my own body I'll miss most of all. This body that danced and ate and swam and had sex and made babies. It's amazing to think about it. This body actually made my children. It carried me through this world."

"...About how the apples they stole from the orchard on the way home from school tasted, and how their legs and lungs burned as they ran away. The feel of the water the first time they went skinny-dipping. The smell of their babies' heads. The breeze on their skin the first time they made love outside."

"And dancing."

The Charge of Aradia recommeds:
"And you shall rejoice, and sing; making music and low. For this is the essence of spirit, and the knowledge of joy."

Perhaps we should listen....

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