Saturday, September 26, 2009

A candle burning to light the way

Today a friend, and someone born to be Strega, experienced the greatest of all initiations. To honor her I gathered all the Owls that I had in my house together in one place. Owls were special to her. I cast a circle and read the rite of passage. And cried and smiled remembering her. So did 2 other Strega in straight line up the Mississippi River toward Canada, where our friend was born. Whether we were trying to or not, we coordinated the timing of the rite.

I didn't have all the woods (Juniper, Sandalwood, Cedar) but I did have all the woods necessary in incense form so I burned the 3 incense types. I also had pennyroyal in the garden and used fresh cut from my backyard on the shrine and the smell was intense.

After casting the circle, I moved over to the small shrine and read the rite out loud, and cried. I was moved to actually say something out loud about Lore even though it was only me in the room.

I then moved back to the circle altar and did a TAROT spread, which included the Sun, The Wheel of Fortune & The World and the Ace of Wands & Swords.

I added some Strega Oil/Extract to the Spirit Bowl and refilled it with Everclear and watched the Spirit Flame for awhile. When it got to the point where it should just wick out, the flames began jumping and crackling. This was of course the Strega Oil burning. But it felt like Lore saying goodbye. She liked her magics. It took almost as long for these remnants to burn out as it had the for the whole bowl of Spirit Flame. And when the flame was gone it truly felt like closure.

"We gather now in honor of our Sister who has crossed over and begun the sacred journey to the Realms of Luna. We wish you well on your journey, and send with you the emanations of our love, and our friendship. We know that the sorrow that we feel is of our own making. There has been no loss among us, for we shall meet each other again in a future life to come. And we shall remember, and know each other, and love again. We shall speak your name and remember you at Shadowfest. If it be that we shall see you, or speak with you, then let it be of your own desire. For it is not our wish that our desires should bind you to this life.

May the Great Lord and Lady receive you into their care, and may they comfort you and prepare you to be born anew.

May the realms of Luna give you all that you desire, and may you find peace and pleasure, and reunion with those who have gone before. Farewell dear sister, farewell dear friend. Blessed be."


Amberlyn said...

Beautiful tribute! I did have the three sacred woods, and when I set them ablaze, our sister seemed to blink in for a moment with glee. She always did like fireworks on the altar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Initiates,

Lore has crossed over to the realm that awaits her. She was a good friend and a loyal initiate, and her presence brought much to the Ways. Although we were not in frequent communication over the years, she did initiate contact from time to time, asking of my well-being and offering her care and concern as issues arose. This meant a great deal to me.

A couple of months ago, Lore came to Massachusetts to visit us as she made her way back home from a family reunion in Canada. I now feel that this was a farewell of sorts (as the soul has advance knowledge of material death that is not always shared with the personality through which it expresses itself in any given lifetime).

Stephanie and I extend energy to her to use as she needs it to be. While we have been separated from a friend and fellow initiate through material death, she has been separated from eveyone she knows and loves. However, her spirit came to me last night, and I was amazed at how well she has accepted her transition. This speaks to how amazing Lore is.

In closing, Stephanie and I extend our condolences to all who knew and loved her. Your loss is shared.

Blessings of Light & Darkness,
Raven & Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know about Lore. I'm am glad that she had a chance to visit you after your move to Massachusetts.

I had the opportunity to meet Lore at the Ranch not long after starting on this Path. Somehow we got on the topic of where we had been born, and discovered that we were both born in the same small town in Canada, almost 3,000 miles away from California. We had a great time reminiscing about certain landmarks, the Italian restaurants, German bakeries and the vineyards in the area.

That meeting has stuck with me because I have always been awestruck that two women born in the same town, with completely different lives, somehow ended up in Raven and Stephanie's living room that day for the same purpose. Even though I haven't seen Lore since then, I have always felt a special connection to her that continues.

I wish Lore goodbye and safe journeys, and look forward to meeting her again.

Sincere Blessings,