Saturday, July 24, 2010

Moon Names

The Names of the Moons

The names by which the Moon was called, as She appeared each month of the
year, varied with the significance of the seasonal month. In October &
November we see the need for preparing for Winter. In February the wolves
were drawing near to the villages looking for food. In March the sounds of
the Raven signaled the coming of Spring. April through June we see the sign
of growing things. In July the Moon marks the sign of horns and antlers upon
the young animals. In September, of course, we find that the time is marked
to reap the Harvest.

October Hunter's Moon
November Larder Moon
December Long Night Moon
January Winter Moon
February Wolf Moon
March Raven Moon
April Meadow Moon
May Flower Moon
June Rose Moon
July Horn Moon
August Piscary Moon
September Harvest Moon

--- from Moon Shadow v2 n2 p 37

Raven says there are 13 New or Full Moons in a year. When there are 13 Full
Moons, a calendar month will have two moons, and the second one is called
the Blue Moon.

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