Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow covered StreetCar New Orleans

Snow Covered Street Car 12-11-2008
The photo above is from December 11, 2008. It's not mine. I grabbed off of a local site in 2008. I've enjoyed it as part of my screen saver display and decided that it would be a nice gift to share it with others.

The photo below is from a British site. It shows just how much snow fell. The snow didn't last long but it was fun while it did.
Snow Covered Street Car side 12-11-2008

Now for a bit of New Orleans trivia:

The last time it had snowed in New Orleans was 2004, and we had Katrina the summer after. There was snow the winter before Besty in 1965. There are other snows before hurricanes. So many people were convinced that we were in for another big one in 2009. But what happened instead was, given hell had frozen over, the Saints won the Superbowl.

The city has only experienced measurable amounts of snow 17 times since 1850.

And for all those.... people... who think that this is proof that there is no "global warming"... remember global warming means the average tempurature of the whole globe is going up. What it means locally is climate change, not warmer every where.

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