Monday, January 24, 2011


I know it's just a weed but I think it's lovely.
It grows where it is moist and wild and cool and dies back in the summer heat.
Apparently lots of people take great effort to eradicate it.
I've actually started collecting clumps on my walks in a golf course that has been fallow and
wild since Katrina in the hope of getting it started in my garden.
Henbit Zoom


Mohrade said...

I was so excited to find another Henbit enthusiast! I have used it in foot soaks, especially when my husband broke his toe, to reduce swelling and it worked wonders, there was a considerable difference in the size after soaking in hot henbit steeped water. I would to know what you have, for lack of a better term "discovered" about henbit. Happy new Year. Meg

Nola said...

Happy New Year. Well it looks like you know a lot more about Henbit than I do. The one thing that I have learned is that while it is wild, it is not easy to transplant. Even when I get a good batch of root, the transplants die back. It makes lots of very small seeds so you would think that it would reseed freely. And I'm sure it does somewhere. But it seems that the environment I have to offer it around my home is not where it wants to live. Or.... it's the drought. I still think it's lovely.