Monday, January 31, 2011

Labors of Lupercus

1. To carry the sacred ram and set him among the stars.
2. To purify the hide of the sacred white bull.
3. to tame the twin serpents of Teramo.
4. To carry the Great Sea Crab to the Western Horizon.
5. To free the sacred Lion.
6. To fashion a bow for the goddess Diana.
7. To forge the Great Scales of Justice for the Gods.
8. To seal the giant scorpion back within the Earth.
9. To make a golden arrow for the King of the Centaurs.
10. To fashion two golden horns for the Great Goat Fish.
11. To purify the jugs of water which are bore to the Gods.
12. To leash the two Great Fish of the Sea and set them among the stars.

Hereditary Witchcraft, page 97 by Raven Grimassi


Fen Alraun said...

Can you please list the source of this information? Thanks.

Nola said...

Raven Grimassi, Hereditary Witchcraft, page 97.