Thursday, January 10, 2013

Food Inc & Small Moves

Our modern American lifestyle is at complete odds with living in harmony with the Earth and Nature. Living in harmony with the Earth & Nature starts with "awareness" and a willingness to try to change, a willingness to make the small changes that build up. As Streghe, pagan, the spritually eco-aware, we are swimming against the tide. And it's a corporate tide and a powerful one.

Take the time to watch the movie Food Inc.   Become aware of the corporate tide that affects everyone because it affects the very food we eat to survive.  Watch how Monsanto strives against the forces of Nature.  Realize how foolish this is and then with this awareness, begin to make changes in your life.  A new awareness can be overwhelming. How, with a problem that large and complex, can one person make a difference?  The only way to "eat an elephant" is "one bite at a time".

Which brings me to Small Moves. Contact (1997) is one of my favorite movies and "Small Moves" one of my favorite quotes. Yes Nature has "big events": Hurricanes, land slides.... but most of the time Nature is slow and steady and subtle. Evolution. Geologic ages. Human maturation....

So become aware
and then choose your own "Small Moves".

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