Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lord, I love this city!!!!

We talk to strangers like they are our best friends.

Now, this being New Orleans and, especially, this being the Rouses on Carrollton, the gentleman didn't just unload his basket.
He started a conversation with anyone who would listen about why he had selected said items in his basket. Turns out he was having foot surgery (right foot, in case you were wondering) and was about to be laid up for about five days.
"I don't got nobody to take care of me, so I thought I'd make my first pot of red beans and rice to eat on."
Just as he was asking the cashier to help him make sure he had all the right ingredients, a woman standing behind me chimed in, "Why would you make red beans and rice? Just go to Popeyes. They have the best."
Well, that did it. All hell broke loose between checkout lines 5, 6 and 7. Right there at the Rouses on Carrollton.

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