Monday, March 30, 2009

Nose Twitching @ Spring Equinox

For Streghe the Spring Equinox is one of the points on the Wheel of the Year where your magic can get an extra boost. Magical seeds planted at the Spring Equinox come to fruition by the Fall Equinox.

Part of the ritual calls for a blessing of the seeds. A pouch can be created combining soil, blessed seeds and wine. After the pouch is created it can be hung from a tree for a good hunt or planted in the ground for a good harvest. Or create 2 pouches and do both.

Streghe also have a tradition of doing no more than 3 works of magic at a Treguenda or Veglione.

I did my 3 works of magic for the Spring Equinox and also planted one pouch and hung another from a tree in my backyard to better empower the magical workings.

One of the works of magic was associated with giving us the strength to only use the credit card for those things we NEED and to successfully and quickly pay off the balance.

For anyone who has kids that you will one day want to send to college (or even if you want to go yourself) I highly recommend a UPromise Credit Card. I have one. With all the country's financial crisis mess my current UPromise card is switching from being a Citibank Credit Card to a Bank of America Credit Card. The change over date is March 31. So we got new cards to replace the old ones. I used these new cards in my magic work.

The old card stopped working the day after my magical workings and the new card won't work until March 31st. This meant 2 days without being able to use the card. No big deal really, except that because of how the Upromise Card works (the more you spend on it AND PAY OFF the more money goes in your 529 Account) we got used to using it for the basics like gas for the vehicles and groceries. I think the Gods are telling us we may have gotten a little too used to it.

It seems as if the Gods would prefer for us to use the Debit Card for more purchases. So now that's what we'll do. Since 2 days have already made me more aware of patterns and assumptions, I'm thinking we need at least 6 months.

Extra boost indeed.
As with all magic, be careful what you ask for.

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