Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Words of Aradia: Concerning the Prophecies

These words are taken from Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi:

Now it shall come to pass that our ways will no longer be mere heresy in the eyes of the Church. But they shall make our practices an evil things, and they shall seek to destroy us. So shall they steal independence from the people, and make them dependent upon the Church and its priests.

When the Pope shall come again into Rome and establish his power anew, then shall you know the first of all sorrows. With this shall the eyes and ears of all the Churches be upon our ways. And they shall make strict laws against us. Then shall come great sorrows, for they will openly hunt us down and slay us. In their prisons shall they torture us and create all manners of lies, forcing us to bear witness to all they say.

Not shall this time pass quickly, for the Church shall grow in power. But their time of power shall not last, for the Age of the Son will pass away and the Age of the Daughter shall come upon the world in all its glory.

Now when the Age of the Daughter shall come, then shall reason be restored and the world shall be complete.

To herald the coming of the Daughter, and to keep it remembered upon the Earth there shall arise a prophet. And a prophet shall come among the people every two hundred years, that our ways shall not be forgotten.

Then when the Age is near there shall be an awakening in the awareness of women, and their wills shall be asserted. Laws will then change and women shall walk in the ways of men. And the followers of the Old Religion shall receive a sign, for the last of the laws which persecute us shall vanish. In that year my prophet will be born, and will prepare the way for She is will come. This prophet shall be a teacher of the Old Ways whom many will call the Silent Prophet.

When the Age of the Daughter replaces that of the Son, then shall the Daughter appear and establish her power. And she shall be thirty-six at this time. Such changes will occur in the Earth, which the people of that time have never seen before. And there shall be upheaval and renewal. Out of the ashes shall arise the new world of reason.

People shall no longer be ruled by governments. Nor shall one people oppress another. There shall be no rulers, but only teachers and counselors. No one shall possess power over another, not shall anyone restrict or control any other person.

The Earth shall be of one people, and they shall all live under the emanating rays of love, peace, and reason.

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