Sunday, March 29, 2009

Psychics and learning to listen

Apparently the recession is good for psychics.
The article was published in the Boston Globe March 1st, but didn't make it to the Times Picayune until March 29th.

Not everyone is a believer.
But if you are reading this blog you probably have some personal experience with the psychic. You may have even worked with Tarot Cards yourself or had a reading.

One of the things I had to learn as I began to walk the path of a Witch and a Strega, was to listen to more than just the vibrations my ears can pick up. Since I started this blog it looks like I've posted at least twice on picking up a psychic message; Once last Fall and once this Spring.

Learning how to listen is not easy. As moderns we are trained to look for answers from outside of ourselves. If we want to know what the weather will be like today we turn on the weather channel. It's pretty rare these days for folks to wonder about the weather and then open the door step out and feel the actual the weather. We are inundated with information from the radio and the TV and the newspaper and the Internet. But this is only data folks. This is not knowledge. Not "knowing".

One of the things that Tarot Cards do for us is help us to stop and focus on what is right in front of us. Part of this is the actual the cards themselves and their symbology, but this can also be a way to learn to listen. Listen to the question. Look at the Cards and listen for the answer. Pulling out the cards, shuffling them, turning them over and reading them creates a mini-ritual that can set you up to Be Still and Listen. Tarot can be a training tool but only if we don't work the process too hard. In the end it is the listening that will matter most.

You can only learn how to listen AFTER you have learned how to be still. Meditation is a simple ritualized way to learn how to be still. But Ritual, Veglione & Treguenda, also provide you with a tried and true way to Be Still and Listen. It can be hard in the modern world to set aside time to actually do all the smells and bells associated with a ritual. But it has been my experience that doing the actual ritual at the appointed times helps mightily with learning how to be still and listen. The rituals open the pathways for the psychic messages to come through even when you aren't in circle. For Streghe, the Lasa/Lare Shrine is another way to regularly be still and listen.

It is Spring and the world is waking up. Step outside. Be Still and Listen. Be your own psychic.

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