Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beautiful Day

It's been raining.
It's been raining a lot.
Fall just can't seem to get here.

The plants are transitioning from summer to fall.
The camelias are setting buds. The red clover is coming up.
But Fall just can't seem to get here.

It's also been hotter than we'd like.
Warm and Wet is not our typical fall.
Granted we are happy to have had a mild hurricane season.
But it is time for the seasons to change.

Today as I drove over the bridge to the 9th Ward where the levees broke
there was, for a split second - just enough time to crest the bridge
come down the rise and go a few blocks,
a beautiful sunrise.

The clouds were dark purple shades of grey
the sun was a bright not quite day glow orange ball
there were wisps of grey clouds over the face of the sun
and the hole in the grey clouds was pale yellows, pinks and oranges like a Peace rose.

It was beautiful, surprising and surprisingly hopeful.

Come on Fall. We're ready.

1 comment:

His Precious said...

Here! here! I do so agree! We've had tons of rain also!