Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shame on you Leonard Pitts

Mr. Pitts,

I am a fan of your columns, a BIG Fan.

I agreed with the spirit of you column
"When the witch-hunt finds witches". (which was how the column was titled in New Orleans)
Yet I was incredibly appalled at how you went about saying it.

"Kill the witches instead" is like saying "Gas the Jews" or "Lynch the Niggers".
It is appalling, inappropriate and offensive.

History records that many pagans (witches) and non-pagans have been killed in witch-hunts. Current history shows that pagans still suffer, albeit not as much, from discrimination. The use of the term witch-hunt should be limited to its use as a pejorative.

I know you can be more eloquent and can use better metaphors.


a pagan, who does not advertise her spiritual path to protect her job and her family from the discrimination that still exists.

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