Friday, October 9, 2009

Lasa/Lare Shrine Offerings

I am often asked what kind of things can be used as offerings in a Lasa/Lare Shrine. I like to use plants & flowers. But whenever I do ritual I make sure that I offer some of the same wine I drink to the Lasa. I also place some on my God & Goddess shrines.

Another favorite offering is Jordan Almonds. These are easy to come by at our local Middle Eastern grocery. Because they are often handed out as favors at New Orleans weddings, these favors usually end up on the Lasa Shrine. The offerings last a long time.

I have also successfully used Florida Water. I've seen this sold for more than $7.00 a bottle on pagan sites. But here in New Orleans this is so common item that it is sold at our local Walgreens, mostly in the summer so this is when I stock up. It is great as an insect repellent and it can also be used after the mosquito bites to stop the itching. Coaches & parents soak cooling cloths in it and store these in ice chests then use it on the back of the necks of their young athletes to help fight the heat. I like Florida Water's crisp scent. It has has been used to cleanse houses of negative energy in New Orleans for a long time. It is typically added to a bucket of clear mop water and then the floors in the house are mopped from the front door out of the back. Because the Lare can be spirits of the home or location, I find the use of such a historical liquid appropriate.

I have also used Dr. Tichenor's as an offering. This is linked more to my paternal ancestors and many summer weekends spent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The key here is the link to my past and my ancestors and the heady smell. Scent is a great pleaser of the spirits.

You can also use fresh baked bread for this reason. But I tend to shy away from food offerings at my interior shrines as here in the deep south cleanliness keeps the critters & bugs away. And our tropical climate makes us more susceptible to these.

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