Sunday, September 28, 2008

Charge of the God

This is taken from Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi:

Hear you all the words of the God. By the fallen temple stone or in a forgotten glen, there shall you gather, all who seek to know my secret mysteries. I am He who guards and He who reveals all of these things.

I am the Lord of the earth and sky, of rocky cliffs, and forests deep and darkened. I was there when the world was new, and I taught you to hunt and to gather plants for food. Look within yourselves, for I am there. I am that strength upon which you draw in times of need. I am that which conquers fear. I am the hero and the fool. I am your longing to be free and your need to be bound.

In my love for you, I give up my life. I die but rise again. I prepare the path upon which you journey, going always on before you. For it is in becoming as you, that you become as me.

Hear the thunder, there am I. See the hawk and raven soar, there am I. See the great wolf and the stag appear in the forest clearing, there am I. Close your eyes at the end of your days, there I am, waiting by the temple stone.

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