Monday, September 15, 2008


Any one who wishes to become a student working toward initiation, must read the "Beginner's Training Manual" - Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi. So if you have an interest, read this book completely, think about the concepts and have questions ready before you look for a teacher. It has been my experience that one cannot be a partial Strega or Stregone. One either is or is not. There are many paths, this is but one.

Studying with a teacher typically means being willing to start fresh. Please be aware that what is published is more of an "outer court" introduction to Stregheria. The initiate Ways are taught by the teacher, and they DO differ from the books. Everyone comes to a tradition with experience and history. Some come with unpleasant baggage from other traditions. Some come with a wealth of positive experiences that may be different from what we practice. Everyone starts anew.

One becomes a member by being initiated into the Tradition by a Priest or Priestess after having dedicated to our ways and completed a course of study. As a Mystery Tradition we can only be taught by a Priest or Priestess and yes, this does mean joining the "group". Stregheria is meant to be a complete system practiced in groups. So anything other than group participation takes us a step away from the Tradition - a Tradition we are sworn to keep.

If you've "read the manual" and are still interested, please leave your contact information and a brief introduction on the comment section of this post. The comments are not posted until they are moderated. So your information is private and reviewed only by me via the website and later, with your permission, by a very limited number of potential teachers.

Blessings in your search, Nola


Amberlyn said...

Slick website, StregaNola! Your article is perfect! I also was impressed with your interview....

Nola said...

Thank you my teacher and friend!

Anonymous said...

Your interview with Christopher is wonderful and covers Stregheria beautifully.
many blessings,

Anonymous said...

I didn't really know where else to put this. I know you live in New Orleans, but I live in SouthEastern Pennsylvania. I have read over five hundred pages worth of Internet material and then I have read and reread Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi. I am looking for a teacher, I have no Italian Heritage but I found this path, after looking for five years (I am now 18) and I want to be a part of "the group". I want to be IN the religion and not just an outsider. Any information you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated. If you know of someone in my area (specifically Berks County), send me in that direction.

Thank you, blessed be the way.
Brittany Dawson

Nola said...

Feel free to send me an eMail:

Let me know a little about who you are and some specifics on what you are looking for.

I'm happy to work with you via eMail. You'll have to be patient with me. I have to squeeze teaching inbetween the other active parts of my life.

Also Raven offers online classes.

Raven lives in the NorthEast now and tours frequently. Stay tuned for visits to your area.