Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wheel of the Year

Streghe honor and revere Nature and Nature plays a huge part in defining the seasonal rituals. Our solar seasonal rituals fall at the standard pagan times for solar ritual. We have an established and integrated mythos that weaves through the seasons and differs slightly from the standard mythos associated with Wicca.

Winter Solstice: Goddess gives birth to the Child of Promise, the God, Janus Lord of two faces, Lord of Light.

Lupercus (Feb 2): The God grows, gains strength and proves himself, as the Sun waxes. We honor the Sun God as the Great Golden Wolf, Lupercus. We honor and celebrate our connection to the primal and wild.

Spring Equinox: We honor the death of the Wolf God and celebrate the return of the Goddess from the underworld and Her union with the Lord of the Forest, Kern. Seeds are blessed.

Lady's Day (May 1): We honor the return of the Goddess in Her fullness. The God turns His reign over to the Goddess.

Summer Solstice: We join ourselves to the power of the Nature. We celebrate the union of the God and Goddess. We align ourselves with the Elemental forces and work magic to protect the Earth.

Cornucopia (Aug 1): We celebrate the Gods' gift of Harvest. We consider what is good & full and as well as what is bad & empty and meditate on the reasons for all things. We send our wishes to the Gods.

Autumn Equinox: We honor the sacrifice of Kern, Lord of the Forest. Janus departs to the Underworld.

Shadowfest (Oct 31): The Goddess mourns the God and seeks Him in the Underworld so that She may understand the mystery of Death. She does not die, but goes before the Lord of Shadows and turns Her reign over to Him. Great mysteries are shared.

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