Sunday, September 28, 2008

Words of Aradia: Concerning the God & Goddess

These words are taken from Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi:

Uni is the sacred name of the Great Goddess, She who is all Goddesses. Upon the Earth She is known as Fana, in the heavens She is Diana (the Moon) and in the Universe She is Tana.
Lakes, hills, streams and beaches are sacred places to the Goddess. The animals that are sacred to Her are dogs, owls, and cats. Her sacred plants are moonflowers and willows, lemons and apples.
She is all that is feminine. She is total beauty and love. She is the Divine Lover, Enchantress, Temptress and Mother. At times She is the Eternal Virgin , at times the Mother, but truly, She is free, loving, sexual, independent and powerful. She loves her followers with unequaled passion. She never forgets nor neglects Her own. She is generous and protective to all who love Her.

Tagni is the Great God who is all Gods. On Earth He is Faunus, in the heavens he is Janus (the Sun) and in the Universe He is Tanus.
All mountains are sacred to Tanus. His sacred animals are horses, wolves, woodpeckers and ravens. His sacred plants are the fig tree, oak, dogwood, laurel and the bean plant.
He is all that is masculine. He is strength and will. He is the power of fertility (which is shared with the Goddess) and the desire behind all creation. He is the source for all creation.
At times He is the hunter and provider and at times He is the destroyer. But truly, He is wise and powerful. He is the freedom of all things that are wild. He is loving and sexual, independent and powerful. He loves His followers with a demanding love. He protects and provides but He is stern and judgemental. He expect strict adherence to His ways and His laws. But He is always fair and just.
Faunus is the Eternal Child, for we see in Him the frolicsome Pan. Yet the noble side of Faunus can be seen in the grace of a beautiful stag in the forest. We can see His spiritual nature in the circling hawk and in the playful butting of young goats we can see the lighthearted Faunus. All of these are lesser reflections of Janus and Tanus in their own natures.

The Goddess is the balance to the God, and He is the balance to Her. Without the Goddess, the God would be a judge without compassion. He would be stern without understanding, He would control without loving.
Without the God, the Goddess would have compassion without direction, understanding without foundation, love without form. The God and Goddess complete each other, and together they are the One True Creator and Maintainer of the Universe.

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