Sunday, September 28, 2008

Words of Aradia: Concerning The God

These words are taken directly from Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi:

The God is known as the stern and demanding aspect of divinity. He is perceived as the death force that transforms. He is Lord of the Afterworld who restores and rests the soul, which is prepared for a new life. This is performed through the union of the God and the Goddess.

Yet there is duality in all things, and the God is also the vitality and strength. He is the Sun, the Lord of Light. He can give life or death through His activity. he ascends and vitalizes all living things, but in His journey He descends and brings darkness and cold. This is the Realm of Shadows, to which He carries all departed beings.

The God is desire to create, dwelling in the stage prior to creation. Through the attraction of the Goddess He is moved to create.

He is the Lord of the Heavens, clothed tin the Sun and bearing a golden rod. He is the Lord of the Earth, horned and hooved. He is the Lord of the Afterworld, dark, lonely, Stern and just. (Thus are the two faces of Janus.)

Through Him order is established and discipline mastered. He is the inner strength of the individual. He is the essence of inner strength and defense.
Yet He is also the warrior and the destroyer. He is the power and strength. All men bear His essence. He is all men.

There is a side of the God that can be seen by those who desire to love Him. It is a gentleness, a compassion, and an understanding. Hie gentleness comes from His awareness of His strength and power. His compassion is born of His understanding of justice.

The God is sexual desire and virility within the male. He is attraction, sensuality and sexuality. He is physical nature, just as the Goddess is spiritual nature.

In death, He is the comforter and the renewer. He is the great initiator and teacher. He rules the Afterworld and dispels the darkness with His presence. He is the illuminator and reveals all that is hidden. He scatters all falsehoods and establishes truth.

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