Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Words of Aradia: Concerning Rebirth

These words are taken from Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi:

The human body will eventually fade away after the death experience. Yet the soul cannot be destroyed, nor is it subject to physical actions and restrictions.

After death of the body, the soul is still connected to its form for three days. For a period of seven days the soul is earthbound. After this it will be escorted by the Old Ones to the Moon Worlds.

For Strega the desire is to enter the world of Luna and be prepared for rebirth. The Strega also desires to be born among the loved ones that he or she knew in lives that have passed.

The ancient teachings tell us that the soul enters a cycle of seven lives through which it strives to be complete. Each cycle is followed by another until the soul is complete and physical life is no longer necessary.

The memory of a past live if often hidden from the present consciousness so that each live is unique. Yet the memory can be recalled if truly desired. The memory of each life is contained within the soul. The soul is the True Self. Each physical body (and personality) is only a garment worn by the soul. It is not important whether you are a man or a woman, for each is but a small lesson, and you shall be both many times.

The Law of Return governs the life experience and conditions in each new life. But beyond all of this is the realm of Tartaru, which is the abyss. Here are the Souls that are inclined toward evil. Here are they kept in restriction until the Great Ones decree their fate.

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